Well, hello

So I told the features ed I was going for a picnic.

In fact, I’d snuck off to LindaShops HQ (a cupboard near the Narborough Road) to set up this blog.

After 11 years of being caressed by the features desk’s gentle but regular cries of, ‘Where’s that copy?’, and, ‘Have you sorted those pics yet?’, I thought I’d give someone else the chance to break out in a cold sweat as the shopping pages’ interminable weekly deadline creeps towards them, like Nosferatu in a Philip Treacy hat.


On this blog, I’ll still be shouting about everything that’s great about shopping in Leicestershire, so keep sending me your news (see the ‘about’ page for contacts).

I’ll also be adding lots of Mercury shopping features that have never been online before (like the one below).

If you spot anything you think deserves a mention, or if you run a lovely shop I haven’t been to before, please let me know.

Thanks for dropping in.

Linda x

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Mmm…Melton Cheeseboard

Strong cheese, smelly cheese, even a wedding cake made of cheese – they’re all on offer in a delightful Melton shop. Linda Steelyard savours a chance to try before she buys

Cheese – we love it. Offer us a chunk of Stilton/ mature cheddar/red Leicester or a slab of Green & Blacks and we’ll snap your hand off for the savoury stuff every time (especially if you’re also offering some fruity chutney to go alongside it).

Melton Cheeseboard

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